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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ok day 2 of week 1 and I came back.... pats on the back for me:). Seriously so I pulled out a few of my favorite cookbooks and well some I have just cause I like the pictures. So those of you who have ever bought a cookbook tell me truthfully, scouts honor, it was cause of the pictures. Anyway, I have cooked from two of the books shown here, and did I mention I have alot of cook books, did I mention I like to eat??? Ok so back to it, I am going to pick a few recipes to try from these books and then narrow it down to the top two winners for this week. I gotta have options people.

I have the classic Baking with Julia, I know I know I can here you all mumbling to yourselves yea everybody watched the movie and thinks they can cook like Julia and blog like Julie. Uh not me but I will say Julia was a master and why not try some of that masterful food! Also I need to mention here that I have bread issues, there I said it. I have issues baking bread I have no issues consuming bread and as a matter of fact consider it a welcome addition to my diet on a regular basis in its many glorious forms. But alas I burn the crap out of it on a regular basis and have never ever attempted it from scratch (sorry Mom) I also have gravy issues but that is whole other post. So Baking with Julia tickles my fancy (don't look, ok we are done:)
The contenders are:
Croissants (mmm little pieces of heaven)
Pinwheel Danish (you spin me right round baby right round)
Twice Baked Brioche (the pictures got me again)
Hazelnut Baby Loaf (just cause I like the sound of it)

New to the arena is The Pioneer Woman Cooks and seriously I mean seriously if you have not heard of her then check it out at www.thepioneerwoman.com she is fabulous, funny and wow the food is fantastic. Her Whiskey Glazed Carrots are a keeper for us I have made them three times in the last month. Have I mentioned how much I love butter lately? So her name is Ree Drummond and she cooks for all Foodies at heart, just good old fashioned butter filled deliciousness.
The contenders are:
Chocolate Sheet Cake (cause I love chocolate and hmmm I see a sugar trend)
Burgundy Mushrooms (delicious looking and if I put in another dessert right now, I feel and intervention would have ensued)
Penne alla Betsy (not to be confused with my Mom Betsy, but shrimp, wine and pasta Lord help me)
French Breakfast Puffs (so sue me I love the sweets)

Next in the ring is Giada De Laurentiis Everyday Italian and I really want to know how someone who cooks this good can also look that good she is sinfully thin for an Italian cook. Anyway I love her book and will have to look hard for new recipes in this one but if it can be done I am just the girl for the job.
The contenders are:
Chicken Saltimbocca (scrumptious and I think my family will kill me if I don't make this)
Wild Mushroom Risotto with Peas (did I mention that I love Risotto along with butter and cheese and chocolate and wine oh Lord someone stop me!)
Tomato Vegetable Casserole (this is just to balance it out and give the appearance of being fair)
Vodka Sauce (just cause I have always wanted to and I like the sound of "oh yea try my homemade Vodka sauce"

Last but most certainly not least is Hello Cupcake buy Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. This was a totally visual choice. It is what it says it is a book on only cupcakes. While I have a few cupcake pans I have never really mastered the art (and it is truly an art folks) of cupcakes, so this is a way to maybe force the issue.
The contenders are:
Crazy Horses (yes folks these cupcakes look like horses, I will leave you with that visual)
Snow Globes (it is the season, let it snow, let is snow, let is snow)
Petit Fours (another one I like the sound of I made Petit Fours and let me just say what a sugar high you can't eat just one of these definitely going to need some help)
Black and White Party (just to pretty to pass up)

So there we have it, decisions decisions. Well I would say oh you guys choose but I really don't think there are any you guys out there. Anyone listening........? Didn't think so. Therefore I will choose its a tough job but you know the drill.
Ok ok you can choose next time.

Tune it tomorrow for the results (ok I need time to decide what I have on hand and what I must shop for)

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