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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lemon Squares Part 1 - the good the bad and the just plain yuck!

Ok so I made Lemon Squares last week and just the word Lemon Squares sends my taste buds tingling for that creamy lemon filling over a shortbread crust.  I mean seriously hmmmm if you like lemons it doesn't get much better.  So I had such high hopes when I found a recipe (that shall remain nameless) that used honey instead of sugar.  I thought what a great combination.  As you can see from the picture above it is a beautiful square just perfect.  So at first bite I thought hmmm the texture is a little off, then as I chewed (and yes chew is the operative word here folks) I thought hmmm the taste is a little well, hmm different.  So the crust was fantastic but the lemon filling, well it was like a chunk of lemon honey tea is all I can think of to describe it.  So for those coworkers looking forward to Lemon Squares please don't be frightened off by my first try (I spared you the taste test didn't I?).  But alas not all were spared...
So just to make sure my tastes were on the money.  Lets face it we have all done it smelled something or tasted something and then asked some unsuspecting friend or loved one "oh here taste this does this taste bad"?  Most of the time like sheep being herded they dutifully do as they are asked before they even think to say "uh nope not gonna do it".  My kids however were on to this trick years ago and just look at me with that "oh Mom please don't make me look" that I can't resist so they are usually spared.  So the first was of course LML (love of my life) having just arrived fresh off a plane presumably missing me full of hope and willing to please I took advantage of the situation.  In my most cheerful and loving voice I said "Here Honey look what I made, try one".  He eyed it at first a little wary and I knew he was thinking "are lemon squares supposed to look like that" but he took a bite anyway.  Then he really inspected the square poking at it with his finger right before he ejected the not fit for consumption object out of his mouth.  Then he turned and looked at me like why why would you do that to me?  I, in the mean time, was doubled over laughing which needless to say didn't make matters any better.  So after much reassurance that what he had in his mouth for a few short moments wouldn't harm him or totally ruin his taste buds for life he forgave me.  Next I told my best friend "oh come try my lemon squares I think they may be missing something",  I neglected to inform her that it was good taste that was missing but oh well.  Now this was an interesting reaction she ate the whole square, hmm ok and promptly said that she was starving and that is why she consumed the whole thing but no it is not good.  Interesting huh?  I think she must has yet to build up an immunity to the "oh here try this" syndrome.  Not to worry with two recipes a week I will have here running for cover in no time.  Now to be fair she also said it was not bad just not a lemon square more like a honey lemon tea square with a very unique texture like something that had congealed.  Nice huh.
So needless to say the Lemon Squares Part One was one for the disposal and in they went. Stayed tuned because the glutton for punishment that I am I am trying them again today.  Be warned I need a fresh set of taste testers for these babies.

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