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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taking Stock

Taking stock, no not chicken stock more like lets true up here folks.  So I said this year my "new beginning"  hear that? it's the roar of the crowd......or not.  Anyway I said hey I can do 2 new recipes a week for an average of 104 for the year. Sure I can do it, why not, hmmm well life sometimes gets in the way, but its back in the saddle or more appropriately the kitchen again for me!  So this week I got right back at it.  I made Monday Night Pasta from that cooking queen at www.thepioneerwoman.com on appropriately enough Monday night! Let me just say this one is a keeper mmmm.  Inspired by my own culinary abilities on Tuesday I made (don't be mad Dad) Chicken and Dumplings over Mashed Potatoes, my Dad loves loves loves Chicken and Dumplings.  I promise Dad I will make it for you :)  So here I am back at it again!
Here's a peek at that pasta mmmmmm

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